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Why choose Pluto & Ally Treatery?

Pluto and Ally are our world and we want to make sure they have the best possible diet.  It therefore made sense to us that we only gave them treats complementing this change. We saw a massive gap in the market and began making our own treats and meals to guarantee healthy, preservative-free goodness! 

Our Baked Treats are made with human-grade wholefood ingredients and all herbs listed grow right here in our garden. We never use chemical sprays on our herbs and nurture them with nothing but water! 

Our Dehydrated Treats are made by us to ensure no glycerin, soy, salt or any nasties are added during the process. We only use human-grade Australian meats, with the exception of our fish products that are sometimes sourced from New Zealand (see product description). We do not resell any products and we guarantee that all products on our website are produced solely by Pluto and Ally Treatery.

From dehydrated to baked, we ensure only the best ingredients go into all of our treats - we know your dog's health matters to you which means it matters to us!


When will my goodies be shipped?

Baked Treats: We endeavour to bake, package and ship orders within 1-2 days of purchase. This ensures your pup receives the freshest and tastiest treats.

Dehydrated Treats and Thins: All dehydrated treats will be sent within 1 day of ordering.

Please note, if you have purchased a mix of baked, thins and dehydrated treats please allow 1-2 days for orders to be shipped.


How much is shipping?

We offer a flat shipping rate of $8.50 (unless you have opted for local pick up). All orders over $150 will be provided with free shipping.


Do you allow local pick up?

We sure do. If you would like to arrange local pick up from Eagleby or Varsity Lakes in Queensland, please get in touch and let us know. We can give you a code for "click and collect" to make sure you aren't charged for shipping.


Do you have "Buy now, Pay later" options?

Yes! Sometimes your pooch might not have earned enough treat money to get the treats they want. Not a worry, we have Afterpay available so they can eat now and pay later! You will see this option when you're ready to make the payment.


How long will your treats last?

That all depends on how long your pup allows! Our baked treats will last up to 3 months at room temperature and up to 8 months in the fridge. If you are looking to get a larger amount, they freeze really well and come back just as crispy when defrosted. Our dehydrated treats last up to 8 months at room temperature but we recommend freezing them if you plan on keeping them for long periods of time. 


Can I return my purchase?

We want you and your pup to LOVE our treats which is why we use high quality human-grade ingredients. If you are not happy with your purchase, please get in touch with us to arrange options. 


Can you personally deliver so you can meet my dog?

Umm...YES! If you are anywhere between the Gold Coast and Brisbane we would love to come visit and see the happy faces behind the order. We absolutely LOVE dogs and would be thrilled to meet them. Before placing your order, we can give you a code for free shipping to make sure you aren't charged for shipping. Disclaimer: doggie cuddles will be expected! 


Can we meet Pluto & Ally?

Of course you can! We often arrange meet ups and doggie walks so follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook!


Where are you based?

Our Headquarters are located in Eagleby, Queensland but you can find us at markets anywhere between Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast. Check out our Upcoming Markets page for updates.


I have a suggestion, can I tell you about it?

Absolutely! We love hearing new ideas and we are open to anything. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.


I think you would suit this market, will you attend?

Sounds awesome! We love market suggestions so please contact us!