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Cookies for a Cause - Saving Phoenix
Cookies for a Cause - Saving Phoenix
Cookies for a Cause - Saving Phoenix
Cookies for a Cause - Saving Phoenix

Cookies for a Cause - Saving Phoenix

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@_phoenix_the_greyhound_ needs our help!

Recently the beautiful 1 year old greyhound, Phoenix, was with her parents travelling in the car. Sadly she was hurt when her parents tried to avoid a collision which caused their car's emergency brakes to activate. Phoenix, who was harnessed in the back of the car, was thrown from the seat and she hit the centre console. Unknown at the time, the impact of hitting the centre console has damaged her growth plate, causing her paw to begin turning out.

After a visit to a specialist, Phoenix's parents decided that a second opinion was needed, concerned that the advice the were provided would not provide the best outcome for little Phoenix. Upon seeing another specialist it was deemed that surgery was necessary to correct her outward facing paw to bring it back into line. Phoenix has been suffering in pain and discomfort, struggling to weight bare on the damaged paw.

Phoenix has a rough road ahead of her. This is not a quick and simple surgery, but instead a complex procedure where her bone will need to have a wedge cut out and a T-blade put in to straighten out the outward facing paw.

Sadly Phoenix's parents have had a rough year with Shearna losing her job due to COVID cutbacks and Nathan unable to work due to being wheelchair bound after suffering a spinal injury 11 years ago and currently recovering from surgery to correct a tendon issue in his wrist. Pet insurance have also declined the claim, arguing that her policy did not cover bone issues. 

It's up to us to help out this beautiful girl have an amazing pain free life ahead of her.


By purchasing a bag of Cookies For A Cause, you will be helping Phoenix get one step closer to this much needed surgery. Pluto and Ally Treatery will donate 100% of the proceeds (yes, every cent) to Phoenix's parents.

You can also donate directly to Phoenix's parents here:


Pink Strawberry Cookie Ingredients: Strawberry, beetroot, oats, coconut, olive oil, eggs, cinnamon

Yellow Pineapple Cookies Ingredients: {Pineapple, oats, coconut, turmeric, olive oil, eggs, cinnamon, activated charcoal